Leoca: FW15

"Hooray for Winter!  This season, LEOCA's theme is 'MOSAIC' and inspired by Mr Horst, Fashion Photographer of Style."

Maud happens to also have two daughters of her own—Paloma, who is 8, and Bianca, who is five. The girls, who no doubt experience such beautiful pieces, today, share their very favorite styles with us: "For Paloma: A coat of course with fur from the amazing STEIFF (brand exclusive for Teddy Bear) and the skirt Trocadero for the contemporary and very comfortable shape. For Bianca: The Flying dress, she loves this piece!" Merci.

"LEOCA's motives are exclusive and original, geometrical, with clovers and stripes! in a splash of colors ranging from Bordeaux to bright navy, orange, pale pink to olive and light grey! With "very couture" details, LEOCA creates looks which before all, allow children to move very comfortably!" says Maud de Longevialle, Leoca's designer and the mastermind behind the stunning collections. Fabulous and so so special in detail and construction.

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Photography: Leoca


Inspiration: No.02


Indoor & Outdoor Living

For today, after the heavy, dreary rain has fallen and both land and flora feel refreshed, we begin this new week with freshness, and a dash of easy Summer inspiration—perfect for mid-Summer days of relaxation, entertaining and family time. We love the easy, contemporary nature of this gorgeous home; Surely, the incredibly authentic, timeless materials and the pure and easy joy of leaving doors and windows wide open all day long—truly a calling of leisurely, Summery days...


Photography: via The Socialite Family

Family Portraits: No.01

Family Portraits - Xueqin Cai (Hi-Res)-32.jpg

It was a stunning day. There was tea and sweet treats, a tour, and so many wonderful places to capture moments in and around their beautiful, beautiful home...


Beauty fond. These very first months of a brand new life are so incredible—with each new day bringing such sweet little surprises and bits of joy... there are so many changes, and growth, and learning and sharing. And what a special treat it was to be a part of such a time. To assist in documenting life, at this moment...



Our afternoon was spent amoungst such a warm and loving family—with helping hands never far off, and so many smiles were shared.

The sun was in its full, golden glory that day, and the air was every bit as smooth as a picturesque Summertime day might hold... it was, simply put, perfect. And while this little one had every bit of patience that he could muster, we were astonished, for so many different and adorable outfits were worn from the little shop, and angles and setting were captured. We were truly honored, and find it to be such a gift, to watch and be a part of days just like these...

Family portraits by Luis Valdizon



News: Leoca, On the Cover

Bravo, Leoca!

At Leuie, we cannot get enough of the ever beautiful Milk magazine. Hailing from Paris, the fabulous magazine inspires design-conscious people, worldwide. (with our without children) Additional to their regular publication, there is also a Milk Decoration magazine and Milk Kid's Collections magazine. All are fondly flipped through, and quite justly, take their place more as a treasured book than a magazine. And for this coming season's issue, we were so very happy discover that our very own Leoca had been featured on the cover!


Photography: via Milk Magagazine & Leoca